Profoundly Intelligent Automation

The Intelligent Automation Collective (IAC) is a unique collaboration between seven best-in-class tech companies, to build the ultimate end-to-end intelligent automation solution.
It's a new form of alliance and built around the principle that clients want and need fast and easy access to end-to-end solutions.  The IAC removes the pain of complex, overlapping IT landscapes and provides a fast track to true innovation and rapid business improvement .

What is the IAC?

What, you mean software vendors working together?  
Yes!  As surprising as it sounds this collective puts the client and their customers’ experience first.
Together, the IAC addresses the three main automation challenges facing clients:

Mega-deals or multiple mini ones

Businesses are faced with two main choices when it comes to intelligent automation. Doing 'mega-deals' to address multiple or complex issues that require a huge investment of time, budget and resources and can take years to design and deliver. Or  doing lots of 'mini-deals' directly with software vendors, each one addressing a specific issue or opportunity.

Making it work together

The mega-deals can be prohibitively expensive and the mini deals leave businesses with a collection of software that rarely work together effectively and often don't tie into the wider strategic vision or improve the customer or user experience.

Cost and contracting

And whichever route businesses choose, the established contracting and cost models are opaque and invariably setup to lock the client in to deals that are slow to deploy and even slower to deliver ROI.

Why does the IAC exist?

Our mission is to remove those three key challenges and free up clients to get a near-perfect solution for their business, that works end-to-end, faster, cheaper and better than anything they’ve had before.
Our Purpose

How do we do it?

By building a best-in-class tech stack which evolves with both the technology and enterprise requirements landscapes.

Who's in the IAC?

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The IAC is made up of seven founding member businesses.  Each is recognised as best in their sector at delivering a key component of an intelligent automation solution and they continue to win and retain clients doing what they do best in their market.  But put together as part of the integrated IAC architecture and, as they say, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
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How to get involved

We welcome ideas and input from anyone across the IA community.

Talk to us

Whether you're interested in joining the IAC or want to know how we can help your business solve it's most complex automation transformation challenges - get in touch.
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