The IAC model

The IAC Architecture has been meticulously planned for seamless integration between best-in-class solutions. Contact us today to see how quickly & simply these pluggable solutions can start working for you.

Platform Capabilities

The IAC Architecture describes how we achieve an end-to-end Intelligent Automation solution by leveraging best-in-class partnerships. These capabilities include:

Productivity Mining  

enabling us to diagnose the current as-is solution and recommend how we structure and realise automation potential with a pure data drive approach.

Multiple Service Delivery

channels to support organisations in leveraging self-service capabilities to improve customer and employee experience.

Intelligent Document Processing

for dealing with semi or unstructured data with self-learning capabilities to improve throughput.

Decision Intelligence and Intelligent Dialog

to support, augment and automate human decisions using AI  and decision mining capabilities.

Work and Process Orchestration

to manage a seamless flow between technology and humans using a fast/no-code solution.

Improved RPA Orchestration

capabilities to get significantly improved utilisation and performance from your existing RPA estate.

And around all that is the service that holds it all together, covering procurement, contracting, licensing and subscriptions, program design and management,  implementation and integration and first level support.

What is the Intelligent Automation Collective?

A unique approach, combining the best of the current ways to procure and deliver while eliminating the pain points for clients. Delivers transparent, fast and effective transformation using end-to-end Intelligent Automation solutions.

How to get involved

We welcome ideas and input from anyone across the IA community.

Talk to us

Whether you're interested in joining the IAC or want to know how we can help your business solve it's most complex automation transformation challenges - get in touch.
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